Delivery Policy

Our Delivery Policy is designed to ensure that your purchases are shipped and delivered under the highest standards of reliability and trust, facilitated by our WOOKEIN Trade Trust.

Scope of Policy

This policy applies to all transactions conducted on the WOOKEIN platform, where suppliers handle shipping based on terms mutually agreed upon with buyers.

Shipping Terms

  • Agreement on Shipping Terms
    • Buyers and suppliers are encouraged to agree on shipping terms that include delivery times, shipping methods, and costs before finalizing the transaction.
  • Selection of Shipping Method
    • Suppliers are responsible for arranging the shipping of products. They may offer various shipping options, including standard and express delivery.
  • Shipping Costs
    • All shipping costs will be agreed upon during the quotation negotiation process and will be clearly indicated in the order details.

Delivery Assurance

  • WOOKEIN Trade Trust provides assurance that if the supplier fails to ship by the date set in the contract, the buyer is protected. WOOKEIN will assist in resolving the issue, which may include a refund or other compensation.

Order Tracking

  • Once the order is shipped, the buyer may receive a tracking number from the supplier to monitor the shipment’s progress.

Delivery Confirmation

  • Upon delivery, buyers are expected to confirm the receipt of goods. WOOKEIN Trade Trust ensures that payments are only released to suppliers after the buyer’s confirmation.

Dispute Resolution

  • In case of any disputes related to shipping or delivery, WOOKEIN will mediate between the buyer and supplier to reach a fair resolution.