Trade Trust Program

Wookein Trade Trust (TT) program is designed to establish trust and payment protection between buyers and suppliers from the moment of purchase to the delivery of goods.

How Does It Work?

Wookein Trade Trust Banner
  1. Buyer and Supplier Agree on Buying Terms Both the buyer and supplier initiate the transaction by agreeing on purchasing terms through WOOKEIN Messenger. It’s crucial that all terms are clearly defined and mutually agreed upon.
  2. Buyer Makes Payment The buyer submits payment via WOOKEIN’s secure online payment system or opts for a PAPSS transfer. The payment is then held securely in an Escrow account, ensuring the buyer’s financial details are protected.
  3. Supplier Delivers Order to Buyer The supplier prepares and ships the order to the buyer. WOOKEIN oversees this step to ensure that the process adheres to the agreed terms.
  4. Buyer Confirms and Approves Delivery Upon receiving the order, the buyer inspects and confirms the quality and accuracy of the product, ensuring it matches the initial agreement.Wookein Releases Payment to Supplier Once the buyer approves the delivery, WOOKEIN releases the payment from the Escrow account to the supplier, completing the transaction.

In case the order does not meet the agreed terms, WOOKEIN provides an assured money-back guarantee, offering assistance to resolve the issue, which may include a refund or compensation for any discrepancies.

Wookein Trade Trust Flow Chart