Store and Product Listing Policy

At Wookein, we aim to streamline the process of online selling for our valued suppliers. Our Store and Product Listing Policy is designed to ensure that product listings on our platform are handled efficiently and professionally by our dedicated website administrators, allowing suppliers to focus on their business without the hassle of managing online listings.

Store Setup

  • Seller Registration: Suppliers must complete the WOOKEIN registration process to set up their store.
  • Store Customization: Suppliers can customize their store’s appearance within WOOKEIN’s guidelines to reflect their brand identity.

Product Listing Process

  • Product Information Submission:
    • Suppliers are required to submit detailed product information, including descriptions, specifications, and pricing, via a provided dedicated online folder platform after their registration.
    • High-quality product photos should also be uploaded to the designated folder for review and listing.
  • Listing by WOOKEIN:
    • Our website administrators will review the submitted information for completeness and accuracy.
    • Approved products will be listed on the supplier’s WOOKEIN store by our team, ensuring consistency and quality of presentation.

Product Listing Guidelines

  • Accuracy: All product information must be accurate and up-to-date.
  • Compliance: Products must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Quality: Images must meet WOOKEIN’s quality standards to ensure clear and accurate representation of products.
  • Prohibitions: Listings for prohibited items as per WOOKEIN’s prohibited items policies are not allowed.

Responsibilities of Suppliers

  • Ensure that all submitted product details are correct and comply with our policies.
  • Regularly update product information to reflect any changes, such as pricing or availability.
  • Cooperate with WOOKEIN administrators for any necessary edits or updates to listings.